Chèque-cadeau des Løges

Give the unique Løges experience to someone important! With no expiry date, our gift cards allow you to offer a memorable stay in one of our thermal forest chalets. Relaxing setting, comfortable and high-end facilities, complete thermal cycle and privacy... this is the recipe for guaranteed relaxation.

The amount of gift certificates is customizable according to your preferences. As an indication, you will find below example prices for a two-night stay.

Worry-free formula: If you do not pay the full amount of a reservation, the recipient of the gift certificate will only have to pay the difference between the price of their reservation and your gift certificate.

We wish a happy relaxing to your lucky person!

Voici un exemple de prix de nuitées

Taxe incluses : Taxe d'habitation (3,5%) + TPS (5%)/TVQ (9,975%).
(taxes incluses)
Une nuitée de semaine
(hors Fêtes, relâche et fériés)

470.05 $ tx. incl.
Deux nuitées de semaine
(hors Fêtes, relâche et fériés)

940.09 $ tx. incl.
Deux nuitées weekend, relâche, Fêtes et fériés 987.69 $ tx. incl.

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