Massage therapy

during your stay at Les Løges

Many of you ask us if approved massage therapists come to Les Loges. We found two teams who agreed to travel there. The bed in the master bedroom is foldaway. You can raise it to receive your massage in this place and thus leave the living room-kitchen space available for the other occupant. It is also possible to receive the massage at the salon if desired.


We leave you the names of the teams of massage therapists to contact. Both teams offer the possibility of receiving duo massages. If you absolutely want a female or male massage therapist, specify this. Here is the procedure we agreed with them to contact them:
You need to text the phrase below to their number. You can copy and paste the sentence into your text messages by completing the information. Please allow at least two hours for the first team you contact to respond to you before texting the other.
« My name is _______________ et I will stay in the Loge 187. I would like to book______ (1 or 2) massage of ______ (60 or 90) minutes on ________ (date). Do you have availabilities? »

- Example message

The rates are $115 for a 60-minute massage and $150 for a 90-minute massage with insurance receipt.

The prices for receiving duo massages (simultaneously by two massage therapists) are $120 for a 60-minute massage and $155 for a 90-minute massage.